Hero Hen

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Set in the peaceful pastures of Faraway Farm, Henlightenment is the story of intrepid Hero Hen. She is inspired by Meandering Moth to escape the limits of her coop and the baleful watch of Deputy Dog.

When direct action fails, she is taken under the wing of Omniscient Owl, who advocates a spiritual path to victory. Share her inner journey as she discovers that freedom is always possible.

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About Us

Based in the core of Canada's universally loved and all-but-undeclared capital (Toronto), Dwight Friesen is the chief cook and bottle washer of Cinemadelic.

When Dwight is not animating small animals, he likes to build websites for the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

Dwight's VR reconstruction of the Halifax Explosion won a Digital Publishing Award, the most prestigious digital award in Canada.

Henlightenment is his first animated film.

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